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Ronnny P. and students the international relations program at Fulda, Germany; Translator: Judith Greeen
We arrived early and saw that, once again, the line was going forward quite well.  A slightly different demography:  people who are daily workers at nearby locations.  But, again, we met 2 workers who did not understand why they were sent back from the inspection line without anyone telling them why.  One of them, at least, was told that he would have to go to the administration office after 8:30, and then we understood that at least he would not find out that he was on the GSS black list;  the second man, 62 yrs old, did not understand anything.  So again we went to the DCO officer who again,within one minute, found out that there was an administrative problem for both of them,perhaps related to their fingerprints.  Was this a secret?  They couldn't just tell them?  Also, a family with a child on the way to the hospital but, since the hour was 5:40, the humanitarian gate was not yet open.  We called the office of the police and asked them to open the gate.  The policeman honestly did not understand why it was not possible for them to wait until the DCO officers would come, and that it was very unpleasant and difficult to stand there until the humanitarian gate might open.