Kufr Thulth

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Micky Fischer and Miriam Shayish (reporting)


The seam areainfo-icon: Sawiya and Kafr Tolat


Sawiya, 9:40 

We meet at the council house with N.H.S. the head of the village and T. a dragoman.


The village has 12000 dunams belonging to about 50% of the village's inhabitants, which are confined in the seam area. The submission of the requests for authorisation is performed in part by means of the village authority and in part privately, so that the information on the number of applicants and those answered positively or negatively isn't up to date. The head of the village also complains about his inability to reach his lands which are situated at the entrance to Sha'arei Tikva. Part of the solution is to pay those who were granted passage permits through the agricultural gate. They have lands to which, in the past, admission was by way of the ‘Azzun ‘Atma gate which today has been replaced by the Dan gate (1447). There are many complaints about the operation of the Magen Dan gate, opening hours which are not maintained, the approach to the gate is very bad and many thousands of dollars are needed to repair it. We asked the head of the village to send us a list of restricted people known to him with the relevant details. To date this list hasn't been produced.


The Village of Tolat, 11:00

We met A.B. in his beautiful house at the village of Tolat. A.B. has in the past been the head of the village of Tolat for a few years. He is an educated journalist and worked for the community. Today, at the age of 60, he is jobless. We have a long and lasting connection with him, and thought we could get from him some advice how to improve our activity and make it more effective. According to him our presence and activity in the area, in coordination with a contact-man between the authorities,  is expedient. In his opinion the documentation is an important instrument for the solution of problems. After some general remarks he passes on to a practical enumeration of the advisable.


The required area to be covered is Qalqiliya, Salfit, Tul Karem, Jenin, Nablus and Jericho. The assemblage of the information will be performed by the local people who will also examine the credibility of the information. The documentation has to be systematic, accurate  and organized to make it possible to make real use of it. A.B. considers himself suitable, having the experience to activate such a program, as opposed to the authorities who don't have the qualified and trained manpower for this purpose.When we try to hint that the plant is too big for us and that this wasn't our intention, he is somewhat disappointed, but parts from us warmly with the hope to continue our relationship.