Jurish, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Shosh H. (reporting), Sarah K. and Ro’i, yoga teachers, Shosh, English teacher, Nadim, driving,Translator: Charles K.

Jurish, Tapuach junction, 


We left Rosh Ha’ayin at 14:00 and reached Jurish at 14:45.


At 17:30 a military jeep was parked at the Tapuach junction, in the direction of the Jordan Valley.

We saw a military vehicle facing east at the entrance to Marda.


We met the boys’ and the girls’ classes, whose spirits were high and who were very enthusiastic to learn.

A young woman with a BA in English joined the girls’ class, as did another girl who also knew English pretty well.  The English and yoga classes were organized so that the girls and boys could learn yoga separately.  To do so we conducted each class twice.  We began with a simple conversation and then practiced grammar, person, and present and past tenses of verbs.

The class focused on a text by Nelson Mandela.  Everyone knew about the freedom fighter and was interested in his life.  We discussed freedom, slavery and independence.  The discussion also dealt with current events.  We should state here that the boys and girls didn’t hide their views of the occupation but expressed them with notable restraint and courtesy.  I felt that our own young people definitely have something to learn about manners and respect…


At 17:25 we left for Tel Aviv.