Bethlehem (300)

Goni Z. Hannah A, Sylvia P., Translation: Naomi Gal


06:30 the situation today is much better than what we saw on previous Sundays. People report about a quick and easy passage of about half an hour.

We meet two Ecumenical women who tell us that this is the situation for a few days now.

The hall is full of people and checking is carried out in seven (!) windows all at once. The Ecumenical tell us that contrary to the norm (!) on the Palestinian side three metal detectors are operating today. These two things speed up the passage. As the saying goes: There is another way! The hall is completely empty by 06: 55.

Note: The Humanitarian Lane did not work today, nor in the weeks and perhaps the last few months. However, there is an Exit Line that probably does the same thing.

We need to find out what is the difference, perhaps this lane is open on and off when needed? The Humanitarian Lane causes lots of friction when there is pressure and the workers are using it and pushing aside those entitled to use it.