Jurish, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Shosh C., (reporting), Sarah K., Yoga teacher,Nadim (driving)



15:00 Jurish


: Near Tapuach there was an accident. At the Qusra turnabout there were two army vehicles and a  Border Police vehicle. At the entrance to Marda there was a crowd of some youths and Border Policemen. The cause seemed to be that a Palestinian woman had been weeding her field. A settler who happened to pass by accused her of attempting to hurt him with her hoe and called the soldiers..Of course it turned out to be a false allegation.

Many young girls showed up for the lessons, including two new ones. It became crowded, which caused some disturbance at the Yoga class, but the atmosphere was fine. We will need to inquire about a larger space for these lessons. As the Yoga class is conducted in English, we take this as an opportunity to improve their English. Then the proper English class commences, with three-four more advanced students helping the others. The interaction is fine and the mood is full of humor. The lesson this time was about a family picnic and the girls contributed by relating their experiences on similar occasions. Following the class, we celebrated with a tea-party, organized by the students and attended by a number of village ladies too. We left at 17:20 back to Rosh Ha'ayin.