Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Nina, Hagit S.S (reporting); Translator: Charles K.

Meitar crossing, on our way to the southern Hebron hills.

Susya:  A conversation with the ‘Azzam family – mother and daughter (who made us herbal tea – “it’s healthier,” she said).

Meanwhile, Yasser also arrived.  He says he has an idea – to organize a joint visit of Machsom Watch and village women to the Susiya antiquities site.  It’s allowed, and it’s possible.  He went there recently with his son.

We said we would be happy to participate and he promised to let us know a few days in advance.


We drove to at-Tuwani and met the Italian volunteers (Operazione Columba).  Fadi-Federico, from Venice, tells us, in a long, interesting conversation, about their important activities here – protecting the children on their way to school and back from settlers who harass them, especially when the army doesn’t arrive on time…

Also the shepherds who are harassed, expelled etc.

We’re amazed at their volunteering, given the difficult conditions in which they live here.  We left when they went to escort the children.

Nasser, a local resident, stops us as we leave the village and asks for help with traffic tickets the police “distribute” with no justification – for putative “violations,” for which they’re made to pay NIS 1000 fines.


Large signs along the way:  “Only Marzel.”


We visit Fadel in Umm Faqra.  He went to the fields with his donkey to collect tumble-thistles to sell because he’s not working now even though he has an entry permit to Israel.  We have to find an Israeli building contractor for him. 

We brought “Purim candies” to his lovely children.