Nabi Ilyas

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Brinda G. reporting, Natanya G. translating


Because of the confusion of information about the Tel Aviv marathon Marci and Roi could not join me on the journey to the village.

9.30 Nabi Eliyas.An English lesson for the children.

After the pause of two days of rain and cold a smaller group than usual came to Brenda’s class. The faithful S. and I who shared the activities.

A great surprise. 8  small children of 5-6 years old were sitting in the class.

Brenda concentrated on practice and singing which was in keeping with the special “forum”  and the little ones sat like angels  and took in everything that was happening in the class.  Also a mother who lives close to the center took part.

I hope that next week there will be no surprises of rain and marathon  and that the routine will continue.

Written in the name of Brinda by Devorka.