Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Charles K.

At Ahmad’s, or – a puzzle of life and death

On a board in Ahmad’s workshop in the refugee camp, at the lower left, is a mirror.  It shows Ahmad and me.  Or, as Nurit Yarden calls it – an anti-selfi.


Above the mirror are two photos of Ahmad, who’s the manager.  A different Ahmad.  Everyone there is called Ahmad.


In a upper photo – Ahmad, a third Ahmad, who spent 16 months in prison.  I photographed him as he was arrested while still eating a sandwich.


Below, in the middle board – the faces of desperation.  To their right, the Ahmad in the mirror and the Ahmad who was in jail.  Above – an infant, a relative of one of them who doesn’t yet know what the future holds for him.


And to the right – A poster of Ali Khalifa who was murdered at dawn of the first day of Ramadan 2011 when he passed among the homes of residents of the refugee camp and knocked on their doors to wake them and was shot in the back by a soldier.


I took most of the photos on the board and brought them to their subjects, like I do to the children.


Adults are also children.