Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan

Yochi A. (driving), Hasida S. (reporting). Translator: Louise L.


Tura-Shaked  7:55

For personal reasons we arrived an hour later than usual, but the problem that had arisen at 07:00 hadn't been solved yet: this morning only workers with 00 permits were allowed to cross, meaning only those registered in the seamline zone. Other Palestinian workers with various permits were prevented from crossing. The reason: Last night when the gate was closed, stones and Molotov cocktails had been thrown at the checkpoint from the side of Tura. The gate had been damaged and as punishment the workers from the West Bank were not allowed to go to work in the seamline zone or in Israel (collective punishment).

The school principal in Um Reihan and one of the teachers, who had requested that the teachers who live on the West Bank and teach in Um Reihan be permitted to cross, gave us this information.


They also told us that the Palestinian Ministry of Education tries to employ teachers from the seamline zone in the Um Reihan school, but teachers living on the West Bank still teach there.  The teachers were let through, and so the problem of the school was solved, at least for one day.


Yabed-Dotan  8:45

The checkpoint was working. Cars were crossing in both directions both on the road and on the parallel path. The officer in charge approached us telling us not to interfere with work of the soldiers. We are used to these warnings.

We had a look at the anemones and left.


Barta'a-Reihan  9:10

There was no empty space left on the parking lots at the checkpoint. A few trucks were waiting to be checked. Others were already leaving loaded with vegetable boxes wrapped in blue plastic covers.

Workers coming through the sleeveinfo-icon from the terminal told us that there were not many people (probably due to the late hour) and that everything was "okay". Yes, we've heard about the theory of relativity.