'Azzun 'Atma, Habla

Rahel A., Nina S.,( reporting)


‘Azzun ‘Atma, Habla



Near the new gate of ‘Azzun ‘Atma there are 8 detaineesinfo-icon-prisoners chained to each other with handcuffs who are waiting for the Shabak (General Security Services) – see photo.


06:40 ‘Azzun ‘Atma – the gate in the separation wall doesn't exist but a gate in the fence has been opened in its stead. We are told that it is situated opposite the northern part of Oranit, and is opened at 07:00. We drove to Oranit and went around it on the roads along the fence/wall and didn't find anything. We almost despaired when we decided to get off the square in front of the entrance to Oranit to the road leading to the wall, at a point where the road to the Tamar CP used to be.


It transpired that this road was dedicated to Haim Landau, is called on his name – see photo.


A bit northwards on the road we saw workmen and approached them to ask about the gate. They sent us along the wall "Ya'ani, another kilo". So we proceeded, and it was more than 2 kilometers. At first there is a road which then turns into a dirt road, until we arrived at the soldier who watches over the prisoners – according to him the workmen passed through the water pipes. These miserable men sat there, their backs turned to the dirt road and their faces to the hill, and their hands spread sidewards. It turned out that they were attached to each other – to prevent their escaping – until the Shabak arrives to take them.

A bit further on we found the new gate numbered 1447 (the time now was already 07:25) and it was, naturally, closed. According to the soldier vehicles had passed through it, but we didn't see them. What we did see in all our turning around was that there still was an enormous area  of olives, most of them in good condition between the new wall and the fence of Oranit, which remained in the seam areainfo-icon. It is not at all clear what the opening hours are, and the matter is being investigated.


07:50 Habla, the gate is open and many people are waiting in the queue. Its opening hour now is indeed 06:55-07:55 but the queue was long and until everybody had passed and the gate was closed it was 08:20. Among others a children's bus  full of small children arrived from Arab-Ramadin, and it passed at 07:55.