'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan

Leah Reichman. Translator: Louise Levi


I collected Ali and his mother Samar at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, to take them to the checkpoint at Barta'a.  Ali has been treated at the hospital for some years and he has gone through a number of difficult operations. I was happy to see that he looked better this time, and he wasn't writhing in pain as he used to do. He has grown a lot but his body is a little bent. He's a lovely and intelligent boy. He wants  a Playstation.


We stopped at the checkpoint in Anin at 15:00. The checkpoint was closed. 4 tractors and 7 workers were waiting. The soldiers arrived a little later and then we drove on.


15:30  Barta'a-Reihan

All at once, workers with sacks full of oranges arrived, along with some construction workers. They were all happy to return home, but the biometric checking didn't work! They became angry and disappointed and people started shouting and yelling. I entered with the workers, reached the terminal from the Palestinian side and then went back, including the inspection of my bag and an x-ray with raised hands. I passed the checking all right, but I couldn't understand why they didn't manage to fix the biometric system that made life so much easier for the workers.


Meanwhile, the security guards made the returning people pass through the vehicle checkpost and then sent them back to the terminal. When they asked me if there was pressure and I answered that yes, there was. They didn't understand what I was doing there.


16:45  I left.