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Miki T. C., Jennifer B. reporting., Hanna K. Translating


Jennifer and I arrived, the children and the matron N. were already waiting to us in the kindergarten building.

We divided the children according to age into two groups: 8 children in the age of kindergarten 2 learned with me, 12 aged 9-13 with Jennifer.

I asked the children simple questions, such as What's your name, How old are you? And we practiced answers.

I taught them a song "Are you sleeping" and I made them colour pictures of animals in the order of ABC. The atmosphere was good, and in the end they played with a big puzzle of letters and numbers.

Attached is Jennifer's report about her lesson with the bigger children.

To concluder we were invited by N. to her home to drink coffe. We talked with her about the origins and the meanings of her children's names (from the Koran).

Her daughters are excellent English students and it is clear that it is important for them to advance in their studies.

Jenifer reporting


I went out to Isla with Miki to fill in for Nurit Popper. I was happy to see that the kids are now being separated into groups, older and younger, since the younger kids are very young. So I took the older group. About 12 kids showed up, with 3 coming very late. As usual, they were very enthusiastic and cute. I admit that I had some trouble keeping the noise level down, and will try to fix that with a more engaging lesson next time. We sang “There’s a Hole in the Bucket,” and I brought in pictures to help and played them the song too. I threw in “Love Me Do” since we were already in a singing mode and I had printouts. Afterward we played a game where they hold up different objects, throw the ball to someone, then ask them “What are you holding?” and they answer “I am holding a xxxx,” and they wrote the question and the different objects in their notebooks. They didn’t jump up when the prayer call sounded and we continued for a while after that. As I said to Miki, they enjoy writing in their notebooks and I will do more of that next week.