Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Natanya, Michal; Translator: Charles K.



A quiet morning with no unusual incidents.


Highway 60

The last laborers cross through the Meitar checkpoint with no problems.

The Sham’a settlement is decorated with a sign announcing the construction of a new neighborhood.  And in fact a new access road to the neighborhood is being completed.  A bypass road allowing arrivals to reach the new neighborhood without going through the older part of the locality.  There’s no neighborhood yet but infrastructure is built immediately.  Slomianski and Ariel work thoroughly.

The observation balloon floats over Beit Haggai.  The road is quiet and empty.

No detaineesinfo-icon at any checkpoint, no visible activity.



All is quiet.  Posters in Kiryat Arba call on voters to choose Lieberman.

Tourists from all over the world at the Cave of the Patriarchs entrance for Moslems.

On the stone wall of the cemetery on Shuhadeh Street are posters showing Tibi and Marzel.  The text on Tibi’s photo reads:  Tibi yes.  On Marzel’s:  And Marzel no?  And in large red letters below the photos:  Are you crazy?  Signed by the Committee for Democracy…  They’re probably like the people from the Committee for Samaria…they’re also protecting democracy for us…



At the Tarpat checkpoint they must be afraid of the milk seller and his donkey, otherwise why would they have posted this sign:  Pedestrian crossing only – as if there was any alternative.  So things are clear to the milkseller’s donkey.  It doesn’t know it’s considered a vehicle.

IDF commanders and their battle against donkeys.


But the almond trees are still blossoming.