'Azzun 'Atma, Qira

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Michal R., SallyAnn (reporting)

10:15: Kira

Only a few of the women and lots of kids - boys and girls -  of varied age, came to the centre, probably the result of the schools' winter vacation. We began with dance and  movement with the adult ladies - they always enjoy activities. Simultaneously, Michal and the girls created collages, using magazines, glue and cardboard combined with origami creations that had been the topic of their previous activity. Following the physical activities, the ladies retired to their homes to cook and look after their kids. Michal and the girls continued and  decorated the walls of the class beautifully. Due to the lack of electricity we could not continue. Next time we'll purchase an "electricity card" which will provide light and improve the situation.

12:45: Salfit CP(near Ariel), open as usual. No evident military movement.

13:00: 'Azzun-Atma CP: Few passers-through, the soldiers idled their time away.

Can't understand the logic of constructing a new wall, simply enabling the settlers to travel on a separate road.