Bethlehem (300)

Clair Oren, Translation: Naomi Gal


09:00 to 10:45

Today too, as last Friday, many Palestinians are passing to Jerusalem. Most of the time 4 windows are open. Occasionally they close one of the windows and a long line is formed again. Then they open again and people are trying to get there as quickly as possible so they can be free. Thus a fight between two adult men who both claimed the same place in line took place. Hearing the shouts a security guard approached one of them and very firmly pushed him to the end of the line.


Everyone over the age of 60 pass with no need for a permit. Many girls came today with ​​grandma, they all pass and at once a huge smile spreads of the faces of the young and adults.

A man turns to me and explains that his 65 years old father passed last week but this week he was turned back claiming he is “restricted”. He will probably turn to Sylvia.

A new ecumenical volunteer says that his colleague reported a terrible situation yesterday.

A 52-year-old man arrives with two friends. He lost or forgot a document, the soldiers he addresses say that only an officer can take the responsibility of letting him pass. Unfortunately, today there is no officer at the checkpoint. After some discussion, politely and with good humor on both sides, he had to return home.

Three large groups of tourists passed to Bethlehem.