Huwwara, Shomron Crossing, Yasuf, Za'tara (Tapuah)

Sara C. (guest), Ruti R. (reporting); Translator: Charles K.

09:55  Shomron Crossing – empty


10:20  Za’tara checkpoint

A military jeep parked there, no cars detained.  Soldiers in the guardtowers and at the checkpoint, no delays.


10:30  We went to meet the neighbors of Kfar Tapuach – the villages of Yasuf and Iskaka.  The new paved road ends at the entrance to Tapuach; from there the road to the two villages is in poor condition.  Yasuf looks sleepy, and a hitchhiker (an English teacher) said everyone went to sleep late because of the holiday.  He says the villagers haven’t been able to access their olive trees below Kfar Tapuach since 2000.

He thanks us for our interest and our concern (he called us a human rights organization).  The olive harvest is next month; the crop this year is small.


10:50  We returned to the Za’tara checkpoint.  Heavy car traffic.  No delays.


11:05  Huwwara checkpoint.

The soldiers in position at the entrance to Nablus have changed location.  They’re now parallel to soldiers at the exit checkpoint.  There are two entry lanes – one for Palestinians, with no inspections, the second for Israeli vehicles where IDs are checked.  There’s one lane to exit Nablus, no delays, a quick document inspection of approximately every tenth vehicle.


We continued to checkpoints in the Qalqilya region.