Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Yasuf, Za'tara (Tapuah)

Nava Jenny Eliashar, Karen Lindner, Hanna Aviram (reporting), translated by Devorah K.

The green spaces on this summery winter day invite pastoral poetry (1). But they camouflage the Israeli control that holds on to the Jordan Valley. The control  carried out by the transfer of Israeli population and the establishment of colonies in the Valley began a relatively short time after the 1967 war (2), and today it is translated into demands for possession as a condition for an agreement between Israel and Palestine (3).

The data on the gaps between the Palestinian residents of the Valley and/ or owners of the land and the Jewish colonists are published and well-known (4). But there is a need to recall them when everything looks so pastoral, when the view is dotted with herds of sheep that the Palestinians are watching over, with Palestinian farmers who are putting up nurseries for the colonists' extension of their agricultural lands, and the construction of new colonies. An additional memo are the signs that point to the farm for growing fish, including fish for aquariums, while the Palestinians suffer because of  a dire lack of water. 

The Hamra and the Tyasir CPs are a concrete memo of the occupation and for this there are  rules and regulations that favor Jews and discriminate against the Palestinians separating people on the basis of their national-ethnicity. Thus, there are also red signs throughout the area announcing that it is very dangerous to travel on the roads that lead to Area A.


In the picture on the left, the Gukhiya CP, opposite the colony of Ro'i, on the road that leads to the town of Tamoun.


9:17 Za'atara / Tapuach Junction - Palestinian cars are inspected in the parking space. People are sitting and waiting outside their vehicles. We did not see whether there was a dog on patrol. At the station for traveling to the village of Tapuach (the road that also leads to the Palestinian Yasouf) there are soldiers on an observation post.

9:30 - The Ma'ale Efraim CP is not manned.

9:50 Hamra CP - Cars coming from the direction of Nablus are waiting for instructions to advance to the CP, but, they go through quickly and their passengers remain inside. The same procedure is seen for the cars going in the opposite direction.

13:34 - Za'atara - Unmanned posts. There are no vehicles in the parking lot.