'Anata-Shu'afat, Sheikh Saed, Silwan

Dafna S., Anat T. (reporting and filming)
The report refers also to the morning of January 27.

7:00 Sheikh Saed


The road which is part of the checkpoint, leading from the hill to Jabel Mukkaber is blocked by a fence from the direction of the hill. (There used to be a road which was destroyed, and is not straitened and paved.)  At present it looks as though there's no way to drive from Jabel Mukkaber to Sheikh Saed -- the soldiers at the checkpoint say that they too are unable (see photo).  Movement is via the steep steps and two tunrstiles at the new checkpoint, but inspections take place in the b


On January 20 we tried to talk to headquarters and the Humanitarian Centre, but at that hour of the morning there was only one officer on duty who simply passed on his refusal, and it was impossible to talk to him.  Later we tried to talk to officer B. of the Jerusalem Envelope DCO who promised to convey our protest to his superiors, but the reply arrived only a few days later, to the effect that the man in charge does not have authority over the Sheikh Saed checkpoint, and all he can do is recommend to the soldiers how to behave.  Disappointing (and true?).  We hope that Hannah Barag, in her sharp protest to the commander of the Envelope, will be able to change the policy.

On January 27, a group of 14-16 year old girls with permits from their school administration in Jabel Mukkaber, were refused entry because they did not bring documents.  They had to go back and forth a few times -- witnesses at the checkpoint were familiar with the girls, but this was of no avail, and the girls had to return to their homes.


Traffic crawling, but there are no checkpoints. When will they close the excavation at the entrance to City of David, which is blocking half the road? Perhaps Amos Yadlin should be approached -- he's now in the Zionist Movement party, but with a close relationship to Elad (only archaeological, he says, as though such a thing were possible. Shame!)

Al Ezariya

Following Nitza A.'s comment, we drove on January 20 to check once again the traffic arrangement at the roundabout from which one turns toward Wadi Nar.  The last time we were here the road was blocked by a large number of "transits".  But we were wrong.  The roundabout is open, and it seems that the nearby "transit" station sometimes overflows and temporarily blocks the passage.


On the January 27th shift we drove to Shuafat for a look after yesterday's riots in which a policewoman was injured and the City Rail stopped functioning. We did not see any policemen, or border police, or soldiers on the main street of Shuafat.  Shops were only partly open, although it was already after 9 o'clock.  The train was working. 
It was in Sheikh
Jarrah that a team of border police were checking documents