Jurish, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Shosh Chen (reporting), Sarah K. (yoga instructor), Nadim (driving), Translator: Charles K.

Jurish, Tapuach junction



14:15 – We left Rosh Ha’ayin


15:00  Jurish.  Eight girls came to the activity.  We decided to begin with the yoga class to ensure all would participate.  The weather was cold and the energetic activity helped warm our bodies and the atmosphere.  The girls were in an excellent mood, much smiling and giggling.  The activity included traditional yoga positions, change of position and flexibility exercises.  In the English lesson we continued practicing the verb “to have” combined with names of parts of the body.  We then had a discussion about the family.  I showed them my family tree and each girl drew hers.  Then they all described their families and their relationship with one member of their family with whom they’re particularly close.  Most of them have a warm, close relationship with an older brother they enjoy spending time with.  The final exercise asked them to decide whether a certain word belonged to a particular group of words, based on the following worksheet which we distributed:



At the end we sang “Row, row, row your boat”, listening to the melody on YouTube.  We left at 15:15.


On our drive back we noticed a military vehicle parked at Haris junctions.  We were stopped at the Shomron junction, and continued after answering a few questions