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Meira V., Ronny P.

5:00: When we arrived at the CP, it was nearly empty. Gradually, people began coming. The line proceeded at a rapid pace and many people crossed over.

A pregnant woman arrived and Meira - a professional midwife - noticed that she was in pain. As the 'humanitarian' gate had not been opened yet we asked the workmen on line to give her precedence, to which they gladly agreed.

Our modest request that the narrow turnstile be opened -  was denied. 
We met two teachers, one from the Waqf and the other from UNRWA. Regrettably, their permit did not state the fact that they were teachers. No use presenting  their worker's certificate, which clearly states their profession (Teachers!). Apparently, this is an intentional policy and there's no chance that their profession will be reverted from Waqf or UNRWA employee to teacher.We also met a tradesman who unluckily had been  allowed entry into Israel from 7:00 and not from 5:00. Unfortunately, he had planned to enter at 5:00, purchase goods, and return and open his village shop at around 9:00.