'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Hanah H., Ruti K. (reporting), Translated by Yael Student

15:10 – Anin checkpoint  

The checkpoint is open and soldiers are waiting for one more person who has not shown up today.

A mother and her three children, residents of Anin, arrive at the checkpoint by vehicle, having apparently left this morning from Jalama. Following a short inspection, they cross over.

At 15:30 the last person goes through and the gate closes.


15:40 – Tura-Shaked checkpoint

 The site is quiet. A few vehicles drive through to the West Bank.


15:50 – Reiha-Barta'a

 large groups of workers arrive in vehicles on their way back to the West Bank. Most of them come from Israel. Passage is swift and the two Biometric machine perform well.

Due to school vacation we observe families with children returning from Jenin.

We inquire as to the morning's passage from Jalama and they say it was "Ten". At Yirtach it is still crowded but better than prior to the strike.