Soldiers going wild on the village s' streets.

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Dafna B. (telephone report) Translated by Yael S.

In the afternoon and at night the Israeli army raid Bardala, a quiet village at the north side of the Jordan valley and went wild.

About 400 soldiers took off the streets of the village while shooting all over and throwing shock hand grenades.

The person who called me at 20:00 reported on frightened children and of scared adults picking through cracks of windows.

At 14:00 hundreds of soldiers had surrounded the village and  at sunset  they went inside without notice and began shooting and throwing grenades thus causing panic for thousands of frightened residence.


Hanah Brag and myself tried each on her own to act to stop that terror. I call the Jericho  DCO and to the humanitarian headquarter. I knew it was useless, but what else was there to do ? 

At all times the answer was :"We look into that"!  I did not call to receive an answer but rather to let them know that there is someone who is aware of what is going on.


At 22:00  the rioters in uniform had left the village leaving after them children in a state of shock.


I passed on the above to Amira Hass a journalist at the "Ha'Aretz" daily newspaper.