Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Natanya, Michal; Translator: Charles K.



Nothing new to report.

Everything’s as usual at the Meitar checkpoint.

Highway 60 is quiet; the almond trees are already blossoming.

Many soldiers and Border Police at the foot of the pillbox at the Dura al-Fawwar junction.

We didn’t see anything happening there.

Soldiers also walked along the roadside at Kvasim junction but we didn’t see any special reason why they did so.  On our way back there was no sign of the soldiers.

The paratroopers are still in Hebron.  There’s nothing out of the ordinary at the roadblocks and the checkpoints.  No one has been detained.

Next to ‘Abed’s store, near the Cave of the Patriarchs, we met someone needing our help to regain his ID from the time he’d been jailed in the Ofer base.  He gave us a power of attorney form and tomorrow Natanya will be there and get it for him.  Another man arrived and asked us to help him obtain a permit to visit his brother in jail.  We referred him to Sylvia.  Later, on our way back, near Dahariyya, we met a man who’d received a work permit, after a long time and a lot of money and effort, but he says that suddenly, after he’d gone through once to work, his permit was again confiscated without them telling him why.

He’ll have to begin the Via Dolorosa again with Chaya and the attorneys.  We’ll see when he’ll again obtain the right to cross for work, if ever.