'Isla, Qaddum

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Mickey Tussia-Cohen, Nirit Haviv and Nadim. Natanya translating

Isla. For the weekly meeting only 3 boys came and so we decided to enjoy the sun and sit outside with them and the organisor, N. outside. Micky spoke to the bus in English and Hebrew and used the method of question and answer. Their English is better than others but they find it difficult to speak. Later we played with the children and gave them workbooks. When we spoke to the children they told us that they were not only friends but relations. One of them was the brother-father of the other, etc. It seems that the young people of the village are married within the family circle even though the Koran says that they must disperse and marry others.  The reason seems to be “economic”. If a young woman is pretty and educated and marries someone from her family it is an “investment” and does not go to another place.


At the end of the meeting we went to the weekly demonstration at Qaddum

Morrad was freed yesterday  after 9 months imprisonment  His house is garnered with flags of the PLO . A proclamation of greeting with his picture encircled with olive branches  and people come to greet him.


This week also gas was fired at young men who had finished the Friday prayers. The wind was against them and their eyes were affected and also their breathing and everything was blown backwards. About 15 minutes later we went back t the mosque but again canisters of gas were fired and a strong smell in the air make it impossible to breathe. We decided to leave before the demonstration started,