Yaara R., Gili K.(reporting); Translator: Ayala Sussmann
5:05: All the passage lanes are open. There are no lines in the pen area.

5:10-5:30: Occasionally a build-up in the pens, though the lanes are quite empty. - Probably related to the fact that the girl-soldier in the aquarium is engaged on her phone (some twenty minutes!) and hasn't even cast a glance at the pens or the barrier.


5:30: A policeman arrived on the scene and (as a result?) the soldier-girl stopped talking on her phone - the pens opened up in an orderly way and there were hardly any more lines.


6:00: the DCO officer ("Nagad", NCO) arrived, claiming that there was no reason to open up the "humanitarian" line. Nevertheless, whenever a number of women or elderly persons arrived, he opened the gate.

The calm and orderly atmosphere enabled an exchange with the 'locals': They confirmed that this had been a relatively good week, though Sundays are prone to be difficult and there is the 'climbing over the pens'.


6:30: We left the CP.