Bethlehem (300)

Karin L. telephone report,Translation: Naomi Gal


At 06: 30 N. an ecumenical volunteer called and asked for help: The Humanitarian Gate at the checkpoint is not open, she tried to call DCL and the Humanitarian Center, to no avail. She reported about a woman, or persons, who were trapped in the gate and couldn’t leave or enter (I don’t know this checkpoint and it’s not clear to me what that means). It is her first day on duty.

I called the Center that transferred me immediately to DCL. They told me that the Humanitarian Gate will not open (on the same day, yesterday) since they have no officers to send there. I told them that people are trapped there and they transferred me to the security guards / soldiers in the field. "At long last someone who speaks Hebrew…"was the first reaction. Then they explained that they have no key to the gate. Only the DCL has the key. It sounded outrageous, and I told them so ... they transferred me back to DCL, someone there assured me that he’ll take care of it and hung up before I could ask his name.