'Anata-Shu'afat, Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed

Yael I. and Ilana D. (reporting

From 6:30 till 9:00 AM

Sheikh Sa'ad, Olive Passage and Anata

Jebel Mukabbar looked empty, the garbage containers which are emptied on Thursdays were all overflowing. We drove down along the security road towards the new parking lot of Sheikh Sa’ad where a few cars were parked in an isolated area which was completely enclosed by a wall. The CP was empty, but apparently there were some invisible soldiers, because the few people who came down had to show their documents. Very few people passed. They greeted us as soon as they spotted us. Some Palestinians were working at the construction of the second floor of what will be part of the ‘beautified’ CP, but the progress looked small. We continued along the Road of the Americas which was also quite empty and the drive was easy. At the bottom of Jericho Road we turned right towards the Cliff Hotel. It is now completely abandoned and looks as if it would soon be torn down completely. Only the walls are still standing. The building looked gutted and was entirely enclosed by high fences and barbed coil wires. There was no Border Police in sight and the road towards the settlement was completely open, but there was a ‘no entry’ sign and one stating that entry is only permitted to authorized vehicles.

A Border Police vehicle was just leaving the Pish-Pash. The gate to the convent was closed; the nursery school is probably closed for the summer.

At the Olive Passage we parked close to the path to the ‘observation point’ and the archeological excavations. At the roundabout there are preparations for extensive landscaping, lots of material for drip irrigation. No one stopped us. The view over the road network and the now completed wall is impressive. A shepherd and his sheep were not disturbed, but there was not much to eat for the sheep. Only very few people crossed the CP and got into the only waiting bus.

All the shops on the way were closed, also those at the entrance to Anata whether because of Ramadan or the general strike was not clear. There is no opening left at all in the wall around. Only a few cars went in and out and hardly any pedestrians.