Bethlehem (300)

Sylvia D. Goni Z. Ronit D. (Reporting), Mattie (guest), Translation: Naomi Gal





06:30 – as usual, outside there are many people and cars. It is wet, but not raining right now. Inside there are 6 open windows; it is relatively busy, but organized. Even from the Palestinian side no cries are heard, only occasional instructions on the loudspeakers "stop streaming", "resume streaming". The security guard demands that people who were rejected return to Bethlehem, and sometimes passes the window to make sure they indeed go back.

A.   passes and says that today is relatively reasonable; probably the rain has a positive effect on everyone, it calms things down.

07:15 – the pressure is over and they begin to close windows down. We are already on our way out and Sylvia is busy on the phone for a man who needs help. He is police restricted (prevented from entering Israel). He petitioned to the court and reached a settlement under which he received an (entry) permit despite the restriction. But every issuing or renewal of permit involves a new struggle with the occupation bureaucracy, sending letters and a copy of the verdict, phone calls, etc. Even when there is a permit, he is often detained at the checkpoint, as he is today. The permit was taken from him and he calls Sylvia who tries to solve the problem over the phone with headquarters and the relevant DCL.

Goni, Sylvia and the guest continued to Etzion DCL.