Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Revital Sela, Racheleh Hayut (reporting and photographing) Translator: Charles K.

 13:45 – 16:00



13:45  Bezeq checkpoint.  We crossed.


AmYisro’el is improving the access road to the Rotem settlement.


On the way up to the Tayasir checkpoint – The landscape is breathtaking.  The air is clean and clear.  We try to guess on which hill a new settlement will be established.  At the junction – a sign announcing a torch race along the El-Malih route in memory of Rehavam Ze’evi.


14:00  Tayasir checkpoint – Four indifferent soldiers before us.  Two more arrived from the empty base adjoining the checkpoint.  One asked who we are and if we need anything.  They arrived only this week, know nothing about the tractors (which we were told they stole) that were parked at the checkpoint last week.


Two Palestinians sat on the stairs.  We feared they had been detained, but they said (if we understood correctly) their flock is grazing nearby and they’re waiting for it.  Military vehicles roar west toward Area A (the West Bank).  A snack truck arrives from that direction (Israeli citizens are forbidden to enter Area A of the Palestinian Authority) and the soldiers made it worth his while.  Then it drove up toward the deserted army base.  What’s he looking for at the empty base?  Does it have soldiers?  Light traffic in both directions.  Whoever arrives goes through without delay.


14:40  We left.


15:00  Hamra checkpoint.  Light traffic.  Two officers and a soldier stood on the traffic island talking, making broad motions with their arms (perhaps planning upcoming maneuvers, or perhaps planning to evacuate the checkpoint).


The soldiers in position on the road slowly let through the 11 cars waiting to the east of the checkpoint.


15:30  We left


16:00 Bezeq checkpoint.

We waited in line.  The snack truck from the Tayasir checkpoint was in front of us.  They checked him inside and out.  They took no interest in us.