'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Hnna Heler, Translated by L.L


6:25 -8:00

Anin  6:25  The soldiers arrive on time, open the gatesinfo-icon and check the people at the far gate. They approach me to find out who  I am. They warn the driver "not to take them". 

6:35  The first people cross. Two people are sent back to the village since they have two passage permits, an agricultural permit for this checkpoint and a work permit for the checkpoint at Jalame. They want to work in their olive grove today, but the soldiers send them to cross at Jalame which is further away. Their olive trees are across the fence on the other side of this checkpoint. At this time of the year they plough and plant new tress. Until we leave, 18 people and 4 tractors cross with plants of olive trees.

Tura-Shaked  7:00  The soldiers enter the checkpoint and open all the gates.   7:05 – A regular day at the checkpoint begins on the side of the seamline zone: the school principal and the pupils enter the checkpoint area. The pupils can't cross to the West Bank yet. 7:10 – all the gates are open, about 50 people from the West Bank enter the checkpoint area but don't approach the turnstile.  7:15 – Five people at the time enter the check post. The school principal has entered the West Bank, the first teachers from the West Bank exit to the seamline zone. The first laborer exits at 7:20. Cars cross quickly in both directions.  7:30 Not all the people have crossed yet, but everything is quiet.

Barta'a-Reihan  7:35 As expected at this hour, the upper parking is empty. One of the drivers tells us that "it was o.k. today". People walk calmly through the sleeveinfo-icon, two windows are open in the quiet terminal