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Rochale H. (taking pictures), Noa L. (reporting). Translator: Louise L.


Tura-Shaked  7:25 – 8:10

Until now, only a few people have been passing from the Palestinian village Tura into the seamline zone. A crowd of people is waiting in line to go through the turnstile at the entrance to the checkpoint from the Tura side. A few cars are waiting on the side of the seamline zone. A very angry man comes out from the checkpoint. He turns to us saying that the pace is extremely slow and that people are being shouted at (and yes, we hear a female soldier shouting but we don't get what she says), time is being wasted and people are being abused. The passage is very slow while we are there. Only when we leave, at about 08:15, do we see the last people going through the turnstile. Usually it takes half the time for a similar number of people to pass through.

Barta'a-Reihan  8:20 – 8:50

As usual, the checkpoint is crowded. The crossing seems to be managed effectively. Inside the terminal, two windows are open and there are no lines. We observe that it takes 7 minutes for a man to pass. People coming out also tell us that there are no crowds and that the passage is fast; "Come every day…" . It's nice to hear, but we doubt that we have any influence…