Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Claire A., Vera M. (reporting). Translator: Louise L.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?


Tura-Shaked 15:00

The checkpoint is quiet, there are no people; the only thing we hear is the wind.

As we arrive three people approach us – one female soldier and two male soldiers. They ask us what we are doing and who we are. Claire shows them her tag and tries to elaborate on the topic of Machsomwatch. One of them, kind-looking and speaking softly, says that he knows what it is about. The other male soldier says that he hasn't heard about us.  However, the body language and the loud and aggressive voice of the female soldier soon take control of the conversation. Rudely and insolently, she attacks and insults us. We try to talk to her and the friendly soldier tries to calm her down but without success. She orders us to leave. The incident is over when she leaves together with one of the soldiers. In fact, they have finished their shift and are going back to the base. On the way she just "made sure that no rules were broken".

The checkpoint remains quiet.


Barta'a-Reihan 15:30

The checkpoint at Barta'a is also relatively quiet. A few people and some cars are crossing. The kiosk is closed. We are probably early, since the inner parking area seems to be full. We want to reach it so we start walking. We are stopped by a polite security guard. In spite of our explanation that we usually walk to the Palestinian parking area he claims that it is forbidden to walk there due to security reasons. We have to go by car. The man in charge of the shift arrives. Politely, he also refuses to let us pass. We wonder why it is more secure to cross by car. Not many Palestinians are in a hurry to return home. Nobody turns to us and there are no problems at the check post. When we inquire, we get the answer that both check posts in the terminal are working. At least that has been fixed.

We leave at 16:10.