South Hebron Hills, Negohot

Nili M., Hagit B. (reporting); Translator: Charles K.

When go through the Meitar crossing at 14:00, and also on our way back, it’s operating normally, appropriately, without violating human rights – it’s just too bad it’s not a border between two countries.

After our shift in Hebron last week we couldn’t find the strength to deal again with its evils.  We decided to drive around and see the Negohot settlement.  The road to it turns off Highway 60 and there’s a relatively new army base at the turn – they named it “Dvir" base – and a road to it is being paved.  On the other side of the road the building from the time of the British Mandate, where the combat engineers’ Adurayyim base was once located and that subsequently was used by the Shabak as a torture facility, which the Palestinians called the “Majnunah,” was donated to the Har Hebron regional council and is used by its emergency services, Magen David Adom, the fire department.  We only hope it also serves Palestinians in the area.

The Negohot settlement sits on three hills – there’s also a pillbox on the first.  On the other two hills are a few settlers who rent rooms to tourists on Saturday.  Large Palestinian villages on every side, part of the Palestinian Authority.  The road we took connects to Highway 358 which is very lovely, but vehicles which don’t belong to residents of the settlement aren’t allowed to exit there, so we returned through Area A.  We felt safe, and the green sprouts covering the land were good to see.  How lovely it is.  Too bad we can’t drive through there with a visa from the Palestinian Authority.  We saw only two military vehicles all along the way.