Haris, Jurish, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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S. Chiartis, A. Laherman, S. Hen, N. the driver, H. Karmi . (Reporting)




13.40 We set out in the direction of Jurish on road no. 5.


In the opposite direction to Haris we saw a Palestinian family walking about the olive grove, probably collecting the last olives which remained on the trees.


At the Za’tara junction we saw border-policemen in both directions (Ramallah and Nablus), standing at the hitch-hiking stations.


Five minutes before we turned from road no. 505 toQusra an ambulance with its siren on passed us at high speed.


We arrive at the "Central" building in Jurish at 14.30 and S., the leader-girl welcomed us warmly.


At 16.20 Nadim asked us to leave earlier as a IDF military vehicle was seen driving on the main road ofQusra, the village near Jurish. Nadim heard from the locals that a settler had been run over, five kilometers from the exit from Qusra in the direction of Ma'ale Ephraim, and seemingly the ambulance we saw was intended to assist this settler.


We didn't see IDF vehicles in the two villages, Jurish and Qusra, , but we felt the tension in the village, because the local men were seen crowding together in Jurish.


16.50 At the Za'tara junctions we saw settlers standing at the hitch-hikers' station in the direction of Nablus. Two special patrolling units of the police were seen parked at the vehicle parking lot frof the security services.


16.55 A military jeep was see standing near the Ariel square.

17.05 We arrived at the Salphit CP. No soldiers were to be seen, but a driver of a Palestinian taxi was seen waiting (probably) for Palestinian workmen after finishing their work.


17.10 At the Haris junction we saw a military jeep standing among the olive trees on the hill.


English lesson: S. Hen reports


We left with Nadim from the Rosh Ha'Ayin train station and arrived at 13:30. The class convened at 13:45 with less students than usual. As usual Cirine assumed responsibility and took care of the arrangements. Hadas oversaw the distribution of the folders, in which the participants were to file the study material. At the beginning we held a free conversation. Then we practiced vocabulary and a story, with the help of dolls. All the participants were active and animated.


The yoga lesson proceeded in order, Sara and Anna instructed together;  each girl was given  intensive personal instruction.