'Anata-Shu'afat, Abu Dis, Silwan

Dafna S., Anat T. (reporting )




Tense quiet at the Jerusalem checkpoints;

not clear whether before or after the storm -- probably both.

6:45 Sho'afat Camp
More than usual amounts of garbage pile up around the checkpoint and beyond, inside the camp, in the inner and outer parking lots.  But in the checkpoint itself two Palestinians are cleaning up thoroughly the few square metres where the soldiers stand.
The bussing of children is orderly, and without checks. A couple of charming boys, on their way to school on the Mount of Olives (the excellent educational system opposite the Mukassad), tell us that in recent days there has been almost no stone throwing in the checkpoint area, and add that although they don't participate in this activity they entirely understand the reasons for anger and protest.
G., from the local residents' committee, is pleased with the reportage on the camp aired yesterday on the second channel, and asks why only now, when the violence has decreased.  Exceptionally thorough checks of vehicles slow down traffic exiting on the way to work.  And indeed we see soldiers boarding each and every public transportation vehicle, and checking documents, but in fact the checks are very quick.  Every private vehicle is also checked -- documents and trunks. Our impression is that despite the increased attention to inspection there is no unnecessary waste of time or attempt to make difficulties for the residents.  Furthermore: the nylon cover on the x-ray machine at the pedestrian crossing has been removed after many months, but the machine is not working.

7:20 - 8:40

Northern exit from Issawiya: there is no visible checkpoint at the exit to Ma'aleh Adumim, but perhaps it's there, a few hundred metres towards the village.
No checkpoints in the Abu Dis area, but in the settlement Ma'aleh Hazeitim there is a private security vehicle and a border-police jeep, with a mini-bus awaiting the arrival of passengers.   Near the Ras al Amud roundabout a border-police jeep is parked, and on the hill above (just near the entrance to the Mount of Olives cemetery) a couple of soldiers stand on alert, watching the roundabout from above.
In Silwan there is no checkpoint in any direction.  In the Gai Ben Hinnom road, a border-police jeep stops vehicles headed towards the roundabout ascending to Mount Zion and checks passengers' documents.  On the way to Abu Tor, half-way up the slope, there is a parking lot, with 6-7 jeeps ready to spring into action.
The Abu Tor checkpoint continues to exist.