Maya L., Ronny P., two Swedish guests, Ayala S. (translator)
5:45: Arriving late, there were many people around. The line advanced slowly and after a short while there was an uproar, pushing and whistling, all as a result of frustration. The passage of some 2000 persons at the CP  during the span of 4-9 AM is agitating and difficult - even on the days when passage takes no longer than 20 minutes.
We found an answer to the reason that crossing through the CP's is a humiliating and frightening experience: we met a man from the Nablus area who works in Ashdod. He has a valid permit and a month ago he received a new magnetic card. Despite all this he was told he would not be allowed to cross through! He was  directed "to the matak at 8:00" and the response to his inquiry was similar. A further inquiry was responded with our telephone number! The true cause may be a problem with his fingerprints or a problem with the military authorities but a proper reply was lacking.
There was shouting at the the Humanitarian gate since some labourers under 60 attempted to cross through there and the girl-soldier in charge was forced to call for help in order to settle matters.The person who shouted at the labourers spoke nicely to us and expressed his regrets  at the slow and difficult line.
We overheard a disturbing encounter between our young girl-soldier and a respectable school principal: she complained that his occupation in his work permit was listed as a "waqf employee" and not "teacher" as in his education-certificate, and he explained that he couldn't really change this.