Vera M. and Hanah H.



14:55 Shaked-Tura checkpoint

The place is quiet. 4 cabs with passengers cross from the West Bank into the Seam Line zone.

2 accounting students return from their University at Jenin to Um-el-Rihan, same as every day.


15:40 Rihan checkpoint

Large groups of workers return home from their places of employment, in Israel and in the Seam Line zone , to the West Bank. Passage is swift, without delays. Together with them, only at this time, the seamstresses return, who have done overtime at the shop in Barta'a, due to some obstacle at work.


From Jenin families with children return and they go through without delays.


Regarding the passage in the morning, we were told that at the Jalama checkpoint things were quite

bad, many people hurried to work and only three windows were open.

At the Irtah checkpoint people report that the morning passage was "so so".


16:00 Many workers return from their daily work and quickly cross back into the West Bank.