Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Nili, Hagit B (reporting)

And this is what we saw today:

It is raining and there is wintry weather that causes both the army and the people to stay at home. We thought that this may very well be what the region needs .... rain that will put out all the flames.


At the Pharmacy CP, and at the Turn 160, detaineesinfo-icon get their IDs back when we are there.

At Susiya, a new neighborhood is being built by Palestinian laborers (there are complicated bureaucratic procedures for getting permits to work in the colonies). I do not know who the employer is; I only know from the laborers that throughout every work day an armed guard supervises them. The security firm is 'Aryeh Security". There is a guard for every ten laborers. If there are more than ten (and not yet twenty) there are two guards who walk around all the time and supervise them - a symbol of their being in the prison of the occupation. And I also thought - who pays the additional costs? The people who are waiting for public housing? the middle class?


At the Metar Passage, cars are inspected with the new machine only when there are six vehicles. That is why people sometimes have to wait there for a long time, or else cars that don't have to be inspected at all are sent for inspection.