Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Yehudit Keshet, Netanya (taking pictures), Michal (reporting); Translator: Louise


A grey rainy day, everything looks dreary both at the checkpoint at Meitar and on Road 60. Hebron also looks grey and even more depressive.

Soldiers and border patrols are posted on every corner, some of them wearing sports clothes are running along the Shuhada Street. At most of the checkpoints nothing unusual is taking place.

The Tarpat checkpoint is closed. Soldiers are posted there but only few people are let through.

The check post looks burnt…so we ask some locals who confirm that some serious events took place on Friday 21.11.14 with Molotov cocktails and stone throwing. They claim that the settlers and the army want the crossing to be closed and therefore they were the ones who burnt the check post.  So everything is closed and people are not allowed to enter or exit from H1. Only with special permits and through the wicket…A man tells us that the children have not been sent to school in H2 since last Friday.

But it's really stupid, anybody who really wants to cross from one side to the other or has no choice passes through a breach in the concrete barriers on the road ascending to Tel-Rumeida.


The wise men of Chelm do everything they can to guarantee the safety of the settlers.