'Azzun, 'Azzun 'Atma, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla

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Rahel A., Nina S.(reporting), Ayala S. (translator)
The routine of occupation: everyone knows what his job is and goes about doing it.

6:20 'Azzun-Atme - Only few people are waiting outside, the forecast predicted a rainy day so this may have been the cause for the small number of workmen waiting to cross. 
The workmen are worried about the new detour road: will it have a gate enabling their passage to work or will they all be diverted through Eyal Crossing. The new road has already been asphalted but it still hasn't been adjoined to the old road.

Some 50-60 persons on line with only two CP's operating efficiently (The new computer isn't working either). The line is advancing well. The 'coffee boys' are careful of the soldiers, who prohibit their crossing over to the other side of the fence. They probably got through an opening in the fence.

7:15 Habla - The CP is empty - passage is immediate. A school bus from 'Arb Ramadin passes through. A trickle of people arrives and passes through. The gate shuts down at 8 and just then a man comes running, but its no use - too late.

8:10 Sha'ar Eliyahu - Many vehicles awaiting inspection (mornings there are many Palestinians and Israeli Arabs from Qalqiliya on their way to work). No pedestrians here.

'Azzun - We entered in order to visit Z. There was no military presence, neither when we entered nor when we left. 'Azzun seemed peaceful and commercially normal.

 We met our acquaintance from Izbet Tabib. He told us that the plan to build an industrial area near their village and on their lands seems to have been revived and they were planning to demonstrate against it early December.