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Jennifer Balik, Nirit Haviv. Driver Nadim. Natanya translating.

While East Jerusalem is escalating dramatically because of the provocation of the MPs on the right and those of El Aksa the area of Qalqiliya is calm.

The  shops next to road 55 are  open and there are people buying. On our way to Isla we did not see much military presence, only a jeep which stands permanently at the entrance to Azzun.  


15 children came to the weekly meeting and the two organizers who regularly escort them.

Jennifer showed the children various vegetables and each child wrote the name on the board. Then each child was given examples of vegetables in a bag and asked to draw and write the names in their exercise books. At the last part of the meeting the children were given work schedules which Marsi had made for them and the children worked in groups.

We were asked to check the work and give them a feedback. The children enjoyed the lesson very much and after about half an hour when the muzzein began to call out we left so that the boys could get to the Friday prayers.

At the end of the lesson we spoke to the organizers about the procedures.  We were asked to arrive earlier and will do so. Also it seems that we will be able to renew the meetings with the women which were cancelled because of the tragic incident which they had undergone.

On the way back we saw 5 armed and protected soldiers searching opposite Azzun Atma on the other side of the barrier on the road.  At the inner road to Qalwiliya about 10 soldiers stood at the side of the road.