Leah R. Hanah H.

Leah R., Hanah H.


6:05 Barta'a-Rihan checkpoint

The upper car park is full of workers awaiting transportation and with Israeli and Palestinian vehicles.

The atmosphere seems pleasant. People sitting, smoking and having coffee.

From the Terminal and through the sleeveinfo-icon many people go up and report that "all is well" except for the crowding by the entrance.

At the entrance to the terminal there is indeed crowding and the hustle can be heard, evidence of the crowd inside. Three windows are open and passage appears quick.

There are some people crossing into the West Bank.

At 6:35 crowding decreases and the entrance to the terminal is free.


6:55 Anin checkpoint  

Soldiers are already on site but the gatesinfo-icon open precisely at 7:00. Passage begins at 7:05. 6 tractors go through as well as about 60 people.

We are told that because the gate is not opened on Friday and Saturdays during the month of the olive harvest, some olive grove owners would not be able to complete the harvest and the related work involved.


7:40 All had gone through but the gate remained open.