Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Revital Sella and Rachel Hayut (reporting and photographing), Translation: Yael Basis



13:45 Bezeq checkpoint 

We went through.


On the way up to Tayasir we see many soldiers at the training area near the Tayasir checkpoint - as we went down (at 14:45)  we noticed one group by the road, one group going up to the tent area and another group was busy eating popcicles by the ice cream van.

There is a heavy traffic of military vehicles, pickup trucks and  new jeeps with flags hoisted on the antennas  one of which had a huge Geevaty flag.


14:05 Taysir

 Three soldiers are at the road post and two are in the tower, eating and shouting:" Long live the  people of Israel," and "Long live the Jews"…. We weren't sure whether the shouts were meant for us or simply out of  boredom. Cats were waiting for food leftovers.

Heavy traffic of vehicles, cabs, private cars carrying workers and with families. Many military vehicles passed by and continued westward to the "A" zone which is under Palestinian rule and Israeli are restricted from entering. Sounds of shooting were heard from that direction. The Israeli ice cream truck,  bearing Israeli plate, came out of the restricted "A" zone .


14:35  We left.


15:05 Hamara

A yellow bulldozer was parked at the checkpoint. Six cars waited in line from the East.

A soldier dressed in a protective vest, armed with a gun and standing in a threatening position, with various gadgets, binoculars, knee protectors etc., approaches us, asking if all is ok.

Private cars enter the checkpoint, two female soldiers come out and go into one of the buildings; we didn't see them later.

More cars went through the checkpoint, and we left.

Following Shula's request we visited the girl Bissan. We found her sitting at the entrance to the tent, surrounded by many children (her siblings and cousins who live in the nearby tent). they were painting and decorating notebooks. Her brother said that she was ok. The mother gave us the date of her next appointment. She asked that next time Shula would join us.


16:45 Bezeq checkpoint

We were asked how were we doing and where have we come from. We said "Hamara checkpoint and Tayasir," and were asked to open our trunk. After that we were released with a smile.