Bethlehem (300)

Claire Oren; Translating: Naomi Gal

Bethlehem Checkpoint



At the beginning of the shift only one window is open, a bored soldier allows Palestinians to pass judging by their look: are they old enough or not. People pass and are slightly surprised that there is no interest in the permits they present.


A young couple arrives with two little girls in their Sunday dresses. They have a hospital permit but the soldier explains to them that on a regular day they could have passed but there is a curfew today. They are confused and ask if they could pass anyway because they have to get to the hospital. They again get the same response.

It turns out that there is a curfew except for older people. It is unclear from what age. Quite a few people passed. When the soldiers changed at the window they were stricter with checking permits and sometimes just verifying the age. Later they even opened a second window.  

An Ecumenical volunteer arrived and reported that all is quiet on the Palestinian side.