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Natanya G., Ronny P.; Translator: Louise L.



We saw many praying people – these are days of asking for forgiveness and praying on both sides of the checkpoint. Many people were also waiting for their transportation after having crossed the checkpoint faster than they had thought they would. The turnstile opens every 3-5 minutes.

But– we talked to a man who told us a story we have heard many times: he is a young man with a new and valid working permit whose entrance into Israel had been prohibited. He had been told to appear at the DCO at 8:30. He did not understand why and he had got no explanation. We wonder what he will be told. We will keep in touch with him and we will also try to find out what happened.

But – a man turned to us asking about his brother who is police prohibited and does not know why. There are also problems with the magnetic card. We gave him instructions and told him who his brother should turn to.

In the end we did not leave with a good feeling since the line was moving forward slowly.