Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Yael S. (reporting); Naomi Gal translating


The Eve of Yom Kippur

We arrived at 9:30, there were cars outside, and a few people waiting inside, people came out with magnetic cards and permits. Which gave us time to talk to people who aired their problems.


For example, one merchant said he was stuck without holiday merchandise, and although at checkpoint 300 they found out he has a permit, he doesn’t have the permit and did not receive it. Also the permit was not issued. The Israeli DCL sent him to the Palestinian DCL to submit a new application, but the Palestinian DCL will be closed until Wednesday ... So when will the merchant receive the permit? We referred him to Hannah.


Police fines: someone paid all the fines but still the comment about him on the computer was not deleted for about four months, when he turns to a DCL policemen the response is: "You have debts" but the man doesn’t get any details or an explanation. When will his prevention be removed? We referred him to Haya.


A young lawyer spoke about the prevention he has, and reminded us that the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom does not apply to the Palestinians in the occupied territories (including the Jerusalemites) and the Arab citizens are discriminated against on the basis of the Or Commission’s report.


A young man complained that he is not receiving a permit to accompany a patient – but it was revealed that he entered without the patient and the exact time and hour which remind us that there is a follow-up, inspection and checking-out of the passage of permits owners.


Yom Kippur, did I mention?