Isla, Nabi Ilyas

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Nurit Popper, Nirit Haviv., Natanya translating

9.45 Isla.  The earlier coordination worked well and the children wait at the entrance to the garden where we will conduct the activities. There are about 15 children between the ages of 5-13.

The little ones joined us but did not take part in the lesson. We practiced conversation and groups of words. The days of the week, the body and feelings. The gaps between them are large but they all write down the words.

It is important for them to get feedback and for us to correct the mistakes. During the lesson they ask about us. From where we are, what our names are (we wrote the names on stickers) , etc. and at the end of the day they gave us pictures which they had made with a dedication. Next week we will teach the older ones some English and with the younger we will carry out activities with various games.


11.30 Nabi Ilyas. We went along to say hello. We met Brinda and the charming children. It was a pleasure to meet them after such a long time.

They have grown and are so beautiful.  The camerainfo-icon always excites them and each one takes his turn and enjoys being photographed.  After an hour we left with hugs and kisses.