Orit Dekel, Nili Fisher, Ofra Teneh (reporting); Translator: Charles K.


09:00  Hooray!  The parking lot is open.  And isn’t crowded.  A sign not many are crossing.  In fact, when we came into the open area (which is extremely filthy) a few people passed us who’d come quickly through the revolving gate.


Two new, painted doors on the eastern wall, behind which are supposedly bathrooms promising on-site relief but…the doors are still locked.  Because it’s Friday?  Perhaps it’s only a promise.


The drivers at the entrance explained that during the past two weeks few entry permits for Friday prayers in Jerusalem have been issued on the West Bank.  Perhaps because of the holidays, perhaps for reasons known only to the master.


An elderly woman was sent back from the inspection booth.  She told us she has a hospital opthalmic appointment but didn’t notice her permit expired yesterday, and they’re not allowing her to cross.  We telephoned the DCL.  She talked on our phone to someone who spoke Arabic who told her to go to a particular window where they can help her.  And so it was.

She kissed us.


A group of representatives of Danish labor unions arrived at the checkpoint and asked us to explain what we do here.  They went through.  We also left.