Jurish, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Sarah T., Hadas C., Anna (guest), Shosh K. (reporting), Nadim (driving), Translator: Charles K.



We left from Rosh Ha’ayin at 14:00.  We saw no military vehicles on the road.

One soldier stood at the settlers’ hitchhiking station at Tapuach junction.

The inspection booth wasn’t manned.  Two vehicles - one Palestinian and one Israeli - coming from the direction of Nablus waited to be inspected.

17:45  On our way home we saw at the entry plaza to Ariel dozens of Palestinian laborers waiting for transportation after work.


14:50  We arrived at the Jurish municipal building.  Thirteen girls aged 13-17 – most of them 17 – arrived at the same time.  Their knowledge of English is limited.  We devoted the first hour to English, the second to yoga.  While Shosh taught English, Sarah worked with one girl who knew much more than the others and doesn’t belong in their group.  Sarah taught her English and yoga individually.

The English class proceeded as planned with a strong focus on conversation, practice and review of grammar and vocabulary.  We also read a short selection about a family event.  At the end we distributed worksheets.  We asked the girls to review the lesson at home, do the homework and bring the worksheets to the next class.

They’re highly motivated, affable and cooperative.

After the English class, while the yoga class was underway, we had an interesting and lively conversation with some of the pupils who for various reasons didn’t participate in the yoga class.

They talked about their families and their plans for the future.  We spoke in English, despite the difficulty.  It’s important for us to get to know them better, and they’re curious to know more about us.

During the conversation Hadas revealed she’s an opera singer.  She agreed to sing an operatic aria.  Every applauded, of course!


The yoga class proceeded according to the usual format.  Anna, the guest, helped Sarah lead it, which allowed them to work with each pupil to improve their positioning.

The girls were tired and very satisfied when they finished.


17:30  We left for Tel Aviv.