'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Leah R. Hannah H.


Anin checkpoint

The gatesinfo-icon are still closed but a military command car and the DCO vehicle can be seen inside. At 6:05 the command car with soldiers leave for another assignment and the soldier on site says that he does not know when the checkpoint would open.

The checkpoint was finally open half an hour later than usual. Those crossing over are being inspected at the entrance and under the shade.

Four tractors and 12 workers had gone through quickly and the checkpoint was closed.


7:00 Tura shaked checkpoint

Here too the checkpoint is closed and inside it parked the DCO vehicle. Within a few minutes the site become lively. Two military vehicles arrive with soldiers who open the gates.

At 7:15 school children begin to cross. They are followed by vehicles with workers and teachers from the West Bank  that drive to both directions.


7:45  We left after watching most of the workers crossing over into the Seam Line zone.


7:50 Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint

The upper car park is vacant of workers who had already gone to work. Taxis are waiting for more passengers going to Barta'a.

At the lower car park people arrive and immediately enter the terminal. There is a constant stream of people who cross over into the Seam Line zone.

There is sparse movement on the opposite direction, to Jenin.

In the recent renovation of the car park ,a separate section is under construction for commercial pickup trucks that usually park on the side of the road.


E. tells us that during the night there were shooting in Ya'abed and in the morning a road block was set up at the entrance to the village that prevented people from going out. E. himself was able to get out only after presenting a medical permit.